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The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Project

Junior Youth are young people between the ages of 11-14 years old. This is a very important time when junior youth are transitioning from being children into being youth. It is during this period of life that the majority of behaviours and habits are developed. They are impacted by a number of different forces in the society (media, advertising, society, peers, etc).

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program is a global initiative of social and economic development that began some thirty years ago in a number of countries around the world.  Its purpose is to empower young people, ages 11-14, to recognise the spiritual significance of their actions and words and to contribute effectively to the advancement of civilisation. 
As members of a junior youth group, the young people work together to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to become agents of change and begin to understand that they have the ability to transform their own lives.  Through positive acts of service, they continue to increase their capabilities and strengthen their bonds with each other and the community in which they live. 

Today there are junior youth groups in every part of the world, who meet in various places (homes, schools, under trees, centres).

“I hope that each one of you will become just,
and direct your thoughts towards the unity of mankind;
that you will never harm your neighbours
nor speak ill of any one;
that you will respect the rights of all men,
and be more concerned for the interests of others
than for your own.”

A junior youth group, or “JYG”, as they are sometimes called, meets regularly with the purpose of fostering each member’s moral and spiritual development. Meetings are carried out in a supportive environment, allowing group members to voice their thoughts and opinions while at the same time learn to understand the wider implications of their beliefs. The group’s leader, referred to as an “animator”, accompanies group members as they engage in a variety of activities which will help them to accomplish this goal.

The Curriculum used

Together the group studies materials from a curriculum which has been developed to introduce critical moral concepts and simultaneously enhance the member’s power of expression. While each of the books in the curriculum explores universal spiritual principles, they have been developed around the world and provide members with an opportunity to explore cultural aspects of each society from an uplifting perspective.
Groups plan and engage in service and social activities, allowing members to practice the concepts which they have studied, and to develop new skills.  As the group members grow and develop, so too does the level and complexity of group activities.

The group will study a series of books, all of which are concerned with developing language skills and the power of expression. Some also address mathematical concepts and social issues, while others seek to prepare young people to approach the investigation of physical, social and spiritual reality in a scientific manner. Although the moral concepts used in some materials are drawn from the Bahá’í teachings, they are not religious in nature but simply reflect the moral and spiritual values that are enshrined in all religions,  Many kinds of organisations, including academic institutions, will therefore find them useful for their educational programs with junior youth. The current titles in this category are:
  • Breezes of Confirmation
  • Glimmerings of Hope
  • Walking the Straight Path
  • Thinking About Numbers
  • Learning About Excellence
  • Observation and Insight -  (not yet available)
  • The Human Temple -  (not yet available)
  • Drawing on the Power of the Word
There are two further works which address Bahá’í-related subjects such as, free will and predestination and the complex relationship between will and knowledge. Currently, the following titles are in this category:
  • Spirit of Faith
  • The Power of the Holy Spirit - (not yet available)

There are 5 Components used in the JY Programme:

Art  the use of arts

  • Crafts
  • Poetry
  • Drama / skills
  • Appreciation of Music
  • Story telling
  • Dance
  • Songs
junior group dance workshop

Studying the lesson

  • Reading / Writing  
  • Memorisation
  • Discussion
  • Question / Answer
  • Role-Play
  • Demonstration
diagram of programme

 Extra Curricular Activities

  • Honouring Elders
  • World Citizenship
  • Visit to Museums
  • Field Trips
  • Role-play
  • Games

circle of hands service

  • Learning about Environment
  • Appreciation of Nature
  • Environmental Presentation Activities


  • Snacks
  • outdoor / indoor Games
join the junior youth group

How to Participate 

All of these activities take place on a regular basis all around South Warwickshire and you can find out about the nearest one to you by sending an email to  cswarksbahais@gmail.com           
Alternatively you can contact Robin on 01926-774453

junior youth

child holding a globe

junior youth performing on stage

junior youth holding the globe