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Community Activities

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Children's Classes

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Study Circle Groups

Devotional  Gatherings

Firesides - Bahá’í Discussion Evenings


 Inspiring spiritual discussions, friendship, fun, tea and cake; have proven to be a great way to spend an evening! 
There are fireside evenings taking place in different localities around South Warwickshire and are open to anyone interested in exploring spiritual themes, as well as topical social and environmental issues of the day; or for anyone who simply would like to find out more about the Bahá’í Faith.  
The sessions are informal, fun and relaxed.  Some Firesides are devoted to exploring some of the key ideas in the Bahá’í Faith and are suitable for all, whether you are simply curious about who we are or have some burning questions you would like answered.
Some Firesides include a brief talk followed by an open question /discussion time, with topics ranging from philosophies and spiritual understandings, to history and community life. To give you an idea, a spiritual topic could be around the unity of the world’s religions and the idea of progressive revelation leading to the collective spiritual evolution of humanity as a whole, and God’s religion evolves with us, the different religions of the world just different chapters of the same book. Or perhaps you would like to know how the Bahá’í Faith itself has evolved from Persia in the 1800’s to become the second most culturally diverse and widespread religion in the world.  
There may be topics about the founder of the Bahá'í Faith, Bahá’u’lláh, and His life. Other topis maybe about the Bahá’í understanding of God, Bahá’í community life and Bahá'í teachings such as the equality between men and women and independent investigation of the truth.

Coming along

There is no sequence to the talks, so it doesn’t matter which ones you come to. And of course there will be tea and cakes afterwards if you would like to stay and chat or ask questions, or even share some of your own spiritual ideas and philosophies.

What if I don't live near a locality with a Fireside

If you are interested, we can always send you some material to read or arrange to meet up with you in a local café or arrange for a lift to attend the nearest Fireside to you.  

How to Participate

All of these activities take place on a regular basis all around South Warwickshire and you can find out about the nearest one to you by sending an email to cswarksbahais@gmail.com           
Alternatively you can contact Robin on 01926-774453