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Results of The Quiz from the June 2019 Leamington Peace Festival
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The answers are below. There were 2 people who got 9 and 2/3 correct out of 10. The question which foxed most people was no 5, where in fact all 3 answers were correct!
Of the 2 people who got most correct answers, one is a child and one an adult, so we decided to give 2 prizes.
So, congratulations Junaid and Zena!
Thanks to everyone who took part

1) What do Bahá’ís believe will ensure world peace?
c) A form of world government
2) What is the Bahá’í solution for the problem of having thousands of languages in the world?
b) We should choose a world language and script to go alongside all the national languages
3) What do Bahá’ís see as the solution to racism?
 a) We should see one another as different coloured flowers in a beautiful garden  
4) What is the Bahá’í solution for the problem of religious rivalry?
b) We should regard all religions as pages from one book
5) Which of these is a Bahá’í economic principle?
a) There should be a world currency b) Workers should share in the profits of their company c) There should be laws ensuring that everyone is paid a living wage and that no-one is paid excessive amounts of money
6) What do Bahá’ís think is the key to solving the problem of climate change?
 a) We should follow the principle of moderation and not be greedy or selfish
7) What do Bahá’ís believe is the purpose of life?
c) To develop spiritual qualities ready for the next world
8) How are the Bahá’ís working to empower junior youth (11-15 year-olds) to live positive lives?
c) Through neighbourhood groups, which reflect on life and adopt regular local projects to help others
9) How are the Bahá’í Local Spiritual Assemblies chosen?
a) The Bahá’ís in each town or village elect nine people in a prayerful election
10) This year Bahá’ís are celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of the Báb. Who was the Báb?
b) The One who came to prepare the way for Bahá’u’lláh

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